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Validation of Credit Card, Transaction Fees, Hold on Purchase Amount.



i have a couple of questions on the process of validation of credit card.


1)What's the exact process of validation of a credit card?

2)Is there any charge put on the card to validate?

3)If yes, how much ?

4)Is there a hold on the funds on the card if the card is just authorized and

Capture is not made?


I am using CIM to store the payment profiles. The requirement is to just store the credit card info on and process payments manually. But we need to make sure that the card is authentic and valid.



1) same a regular transaction


2)Yes, the only way to validate a card is to run a transaction against it. So there will be a transaction fee. CIM will do a auth_only then void it.


3)Ask you merchant bank


4)Yes, for 7 to 30 days depend on the card/issue bank.


Hi RaynorC1emen7,


Thank you so much for your feedback.i appreciate it.