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Verify Peer and Response Code 103 Errors

For the last month now, Credit Card transactions were getting a blank response code and error code.


Just by luck, I stumbled across a thread where it recommended setting verify_peer = false.  I did this, and it accepted my credit card.  However, guests of my site using this get a 103 error.


This used to work fine.  Can anybody help with this.  What is verify_peer?  I have a certificate installed in the folder the code is pointing to and it does not work.  Why would I get a 103 error?  I regenerate my transaction key and use that.  API key is correct.


What happes when verify_peer is false?  Does it skip certificate validation completely?




If verify_peer = TRUE, blank error and response code

If verify_peer = FALSE, it works for me, but guests get a 103 error.


 However, guests of my site using this get a 103 error.

guests, you mean from the internet? you should try it from outside your development network and see if the fingerprint is correct. Look the the page source from the browser.


I mean regular users.  I think verify_peer = false may be the answer, but want to understand the effect of this.


That is the checkout form giving errors.  After I posted this thread, I had somebody get through after the verify_peer change, but want to make sure that is the valid change to make.


Also meant 403 error above.