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Webhook empty using Accepted Host method

@Renaissance ,






If I remove the clientId then nothing else works.


I am probably missing it but where in your code is the clientId? If that property exists you can use it, you just have to put it on the correct node.

For other users who may follow this, I have sent information and had discussions with the members on this thread through IM. The advice I gave for webhooks was to not use $_POST but use php input instead, and to also capture the request headers. That is the short version. It tends to work

I am now capturing the headers.

Extracting the transaction number and trying to do a details lookup to get the invoiceID that I sent when I created the web order.

With that invoice ID, I can complete the order.

however, when I get the transaction ID and do a transaction details lookup, it gives me this error.

Nowhere in my code am I using the clientId