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Webhooks PING Fails when using https (SSL)

I have created a test webhook (inactive). If I use an HTTPS endpoint on our server the test fails. Bad ping. If I use an HTTP only endpoint the test succeeds. I've checked our server SSL, trusted root, and intermediates but can't find an issue. I am 100% able to connect and work with all other aspects of the API from the same server using HTTPS posts. It's just the outgoing webhooks and SSL.

I've gone to SSLlabs and ran a check of our cert and it is TLS1.2 and passed with an A. Server is Windows 2012 running Coldfusion.  Cert is COMODO.








We have previously seen an instance where our Webhooks notifier tried to connect to a server, but the TLS 1.2 negotiation failed. In that instance, the connection was ultimately made as TLS 1.0. In your case, if your server didn't support <TLS 1.2, or you're using our test system which also doesn't support <TLS 1.2, the connection just wouldn't get made.


The big question is "what could be causing it to fail negotiation?" Incompatible cipher set? Some other cert issue? Unfortunately, troubleshooting would have to done by our production teams actually looking at the logs of the connection from our side and seeing what our server sees during negotiation. If you haven't already, can you open up a ticket with our support department and see what they can do to escalate it?

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I am using the test system and our server does not fallback. We only support TLS1.2. 

I've go through our root CA and other SSL items and we seem to be valid. I'lll open a ticket and see what becomes of it.


Thank you!


Hi @flusion,

We've made some changes in our production systems that should fix this issue. Can you please verify whether or not this is fixed on your end?