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Webhooks down for sandbox?

Webhooks from the sandbox are failing to fire. "Test Webhook" (after marking inactive) returns


"Error:Error occured in connecting to the endpoint:"


..Even for the "" testing site. :-(


Anyone else seeing this?


Ok, so it looks like the WebhookInbox links are cleaned up when they are no longer "checked" via the web interface. No issue there.


But I'm still having issues with it using my own API url. It seems like it works fine, then puts me on a blacklist of some sort. My API still works fine with other API testers, just not from


Does anyone else run into anything like this?


Further update:


I can successfully send POST packets from these sites to my server:


and they all show my server responding with 200 (ok).


But still says "Error occured in connecting to the endpoint: xxxxxx"


Am I the only one running into this? Is anyone out there actually using the webhooks?

Over the weekend it started magically working again. *sigh*, this does NOT inspire confidence in this service.