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Webhoot is not working properly for live transactions

Hi to all, I have tested the webhook in test mode.
I have tested with the test webhook feature. 
I found both above workings.

I configured the live app and set up the webhook but it is not working. If I use the test webhook method it is working but for actual transactions, it is not calling webhook.

Hope someone helps me.


To test for Flutterwave, we will generate a listening URL from This will serve as our server listening for Flutterwave hooks. After a transaction is completed, you should see the webhook data on the URL. This verifies that webhooks are being sent to the developer/merchant's server.  Point Click Care CNA Login


Having a similar type Problem: Not even one webhook is working right now. After firing one, the reply message says everything is ok and the hook has been fired. But at the end nothing happened. I tried everything I can, reconnected every service everything. In my opinion this must be a webhook-service problem at ifttt, am i right? What about you guys?                                              official website