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Website Integration with CIM

HI Everyone!  I need some feedback. Last year we integrated both our ERP and website systems with CIM.  Based on decisions by upper management we choose to have the user always enter their credit card information during checkout on the website.  This is causing for duplicate payment profiles since they are not always typing the information in the same way each time. The solution for this is to, use CIM as it is expected and allow them to choose the payment profiles available for their account during checkout.  However, to do this correctly and keep in line with other online retailers there are a few things we want to offer but are not sure how to implement it since there are limitations with as well as with our ERP system. 


  1. Allow the customer to CHOOSE if their information is save for future use. We understand that CIM auto stores this information. Any suggestions on how to handle this scenario? Integrate with two payment processing methods? Use a cross reference for website visiblity on credit cards? 
  2. Allow the customer to delete credit cards on their online account. Due to the type of products we offer, we can't charge the full amount of the purchase during the website checkout. We must charge it after the fact. So, we can't let the user delete the payment profile, we more or less want to disable it and queue it for deletion once all open orders agains that payment profile are invoiced. 

 Any help or examples anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 


If you can't charge the full amount until order are ready to ship, then #2 make sense, queue it for deletion once all open order are invoiced.


Any suggestions on the best way to queue it for deletion. Our current proposed solution is that when the user clicks the "delete/disable" button the website, the  customer profile and the payment profile ID would be added to a table.  Any ideas on a simpler way to handle this? 

That sound good. Don't know anyway would be better.