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What API to use for ECC



refundTransaction API has some of it's field contents as follows:

cardNumber: Only the last four digits are required for credit card refunds.

expirationDate: For refunds, use XXXX instead of the card expiration date.


Since, we need a full credit card number and full expiration date for an unlinked transaction, can we do them like authCaptureTransaction API for those 2?


Yes, you should be able to use the full creditcard number for the unlinked credit. Copied the below from APIReference guide.




creditCardThe following elements belong to the creditCard element; include them only for credit card transactions.

When issuing a credit card refund, the request must include either a full card number and expiration date, or the original transaction ID (transId) and last 4 digits of the card number. If you don't have the last 4 digits, you can use getTransactionDetails to retrieve the payment information needed to issue a refund.
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Authorize.Net Expert

When processing an ECC refund, the documentation lists the expiration date as 4 characters for the "refund a transaction" request however elsewhere when dealing with expiration dates, the docs require using 7 characters (YYYY-MM).


Is the 4 character format MMYY or YYMM?

How can I get benifit of this system? I want to add some payment system to my website The Trickseek. How can I do this? Please help me. 

Thank you.