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What COF Reason code should be used for the following scenario?

Using Customer Information Management profiles, my customers process Standing Instruction Merchant Initiated Transactions for varying amounts every 28 or 30 days for theiir accounts.   The descriptions given for the reason codes: (reauthorization, resubmission, delayed charge, no show) do not seem to fit these transactions.    What reason code should be used?

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@kabutotx wrote:

None.  This would be a recurring payment. five nights at freddy's

Thank you! This helps.

Actually, its not a recurring payment. 


I probably wasn't clear explaining the scenario,


By definition it's an CIM  MIT UnScheduled COF Payment because the customer is charged with their agreement at varying times for varying amounts.


My question is what reason code should be used for a 


createTransactionRequest api call?


Example given is resubmission.


Definition for resubmission does not "fit":



If the follow-on MIT transaction is due to a decline, and when the products or services have been provided to the customer:

Under the subesquentAuthInformation element, set reason to resubmission.'"






{ "createTransactionRequest": {

"merchantAuthentication": {

"name": "9bSaKC66uHg",

"transactionKey": "8xszx7B7674QxHqe"


"refId": "123456",

"transactionRequest": {

"transactionType": "authCaptureTransaction",

"amount": "45",

"profile": {

"customerProfileId": "40338125",

"paymentProfile": {

"paymentProfileId": "1000177237" }


"processingOptions": {

"isSubsequentAuth": "true"


"subsequentAuthInformation": {

"originalNetworkTransId": "123456789123456",

"originalAuthAmount": "45.00",

"reason": "resubmission"


"authorizationIndicatorType": {

"authorizationIndicator": "final"








No reason is needed for Unscheduled COF.

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