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What am I doing wrong - regarding HTTP verb error??

I have received our API login and transaction key for our sandbox account.  As part of our software interface to connect our payment page to's gateway, we input the https link below.  Is this link correct?


Using the https link above, I tried doing a test tranaction and I get this error:

"the page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) is being used.

Seconds: 38


I appreciate your help.



which api? they have different url. the doc should tell you which url to use.


this link is for logging into the sandbox merchant account


I am seeing the same error.  I am linking to and can only assume that I am getting there with a valid userID/transactionID since I did get there.   It isn't clear to me what "HTTP verb" they are talking about.  I can only image POST/GET.  I am doing a Post.