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What is the correct sandbox URL?

I would like to test my TLS1.2 upgrade using the Sandbox which I understand is already using 1.2.


I'm confused about the URL.  Customer support via chat gave me:


That URL returns a 404.  works fine but I'm not sure it's using TLS1.2.


Could you clear up my confusion?




Hello @maverickbluer1 is the correct sandbox endpoint, and it only accepts a TLS 1.2 connection.



Administrator Administrator

That link text is, correct URL, but the href is 

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According to the API doc, the endpoints are and for production.

I still have a page using SIM which uses and for production.


In test, I have often gotten a 'connection refused'. After a few retries, I'll get a response.

I'm using php fsockopen to make connections.

My questions are:

1. endpoints: is there any agreement on endpoints?

2. connection refused: is this because of the wrong tls version? server busy temporarily?

3. is there currently any test gateway which uses only TLS 1.2?

4. is there any way to find out which tls version the authorize net server is seeing?


I confess i missed the test yesterday. my bad.


thanks for any help you can offer.


Otis Maclay

The endpoints and for production are the correct and preferred URLs.


The others are old and deprecated. 


All Sandbox endpoints only accept TLS 1.2 connections and have for some time. 

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then the mystery for me is why I get 'connection refused'.

is there any explanation for that?





Check your sever's TLS configuration with the information at :

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thanks. shows curl using 1.0

is there any way to access with fsockopen?

i'm sending


GET /a/check HTTP 1.1


Accept: text/plain

Accept-Language: en-us

Connection: close


it connects but returns a 400 : Bad Request.

I hope I didn't make it angry....


$fp = fopen('', 'r');
if ($fp) {
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