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What should opaque data be?

I am implementing apple pay payments into a mobile app developed in C#. I am using Authorize.Net's C# SDK ( to do so. I have implemented the native apple pay payments in swift and can reliably obtain encrypted payment tokens for processing, which are formatted according to this documentation: I am not sure which part of those tokens needs to be passed to Authorize.Net however. The dotnet SDK's method of sending payment data relies on a payment type object with an "opaqueData" field which I thought was supposed to contain the encrypted payment data. However, when I send a transaction request formatted that way, the data cannot be decrypted on Authorize.Net's end. I need to know what the opaque data field needs to contain for apple pay transactions, and how to ensure that Authorize.Net can decrypt it. Please help!


Yes  have figured out that much, but the data I have from apple pay is a json dictionary which contains information presumably necessary for decryption, if I just sent the encrypted token within that dictionary, I don't see how would be able to decrypt it, also I was able to find an example where the opaque data was a Base64 encoded version of that full dictionary, but for some reason it is still not decrypting for me when I send information in the same exact format, so I need to know if the format I am sending it in is right - and in order to do that, I need to know what the correct format is, which has been very hard to conclusively identify.