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Which type of API is best applicable for me?

I am creating an iPhone app which accepts credit card payments and here is my use-case


1 - Product data stored on my server

2 - iPhone app pulls product data from server

3 - User uses iPhone to select products to buy

4 - User is taken to a checkout page to key in their credit card details(Important thing to note is that this has to be a white label installation, so can't show a powered by logo or anything similar to avoid break the user experience

5 - User keys in their credit card credentials

6 - validates and processes payment

7 - Product purchase is successful and user then waits for product to arrive at his doorstep


And 1 more requirement

8 - The user's credit card details should be stored somewhere so that the user does not need to key it in again. Does provide their own hosted solution where we can pull the user's credit card details on subsequent transactions to avoid letting user keying it in again?