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Will AIM refunds work if the card has expired?

If the credit card has expired, will the AIM Refunds that I do in XML and PHP work properly? For instance, I was thinking of storing the last digits of the credit card plus the credit card expiration date in my database in encrypted form. When I need to do a refund, these are already on file and can run with these instead of prompting the customer over the phone or by email. But if in the event that the customer wants a refund past the date of their credit card expiration, will it still work or will I need to prompt them for their latest credit card expiration date?



If you refund with transactionID, it wouldn't matter, but if the card is no longer valid, you would need to either do unlinked credit(need to apply for it) to a different credit card or send them a check.


Are you also saying here that I can refund without the card information, solely by transaction ID?


Note that I'm using XML like this:


$sOTC = OrderTransactionCode

You need the masked CC#, but not the exp date with a transactionID.

I tried without the expiration date and it told me the card part of the XML was invalid.

Can you post the xml? make sure the node order seq are the same as that in the documentation.