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WooCommerce,, and Using a Bank as the Merchant Account

Hello everyone,,

I'm in the middle of a project thrown at me by my oldest and biggest client without enough time to properly research WC and all of the other requirements needed for an ecommerce site. This is my first time using WC and the first time I'm taking the lead on an ecommerce project.

I'm more or less squared away with everything except for the merchant account and payment gateway.

Some things causing delays include my client having to deal with "corporate", not understanding suggestions and requirements I give them, and all the annoyances that come along in a situation where I'm not as experienced as I should be.

I've told them to sign up for an account with, I'll use a WC extension for the payment gateway and everything will be fine.

Last week they told me, "We're working with Bank of America to get a low rate and we want to use We want to use a hosted checkout solution to avoid PCI issues."

So it looks like things have changed and I'm even more in the dark than before. Can somebody please give me some insight using a bank as a merchant account? I assume this is what they are asking for, I'm not exactly sure yet.

I'm having a conference call with my client and corporate in the next day or two, but I want to be armed with some knowledge and talking points.

Can be used as a payment gateway/extension on a WooCommerce site if a bank is being used as a merchant account?

How does that work? If it can't work, how do I make it work using a bank as a merchant account?

What about the hosted checkout solution? Where does that fit in? In a traditional setup using as a payment gateway and merchant account I understand you can use DPM and have host the final checkout page/s and then redirect back to the WC site after the transaction is complete. How does this process work if the bank is the merchant account?

Corporate wants to use the bank because they are getting a better rate than with They're expecting about $500,000 in sales over the next 4 months.

What else do I need to consider? What actions do I need to take on and off the site? What should I tell my client and their bosses to do considering the situation(bank as merchant account and having a hosted checkout solution)?

Help me  - you're my only hope!


Your client's description sounds like a typical merchant set up. There will be a merchant account (in this case Bank of America) and also a gateway account (Authorize.Net). It sounds like your payments integration would be with Authorize.Net's apis/Hosted Payments from an extension in WooCommerce. The account at BofA is integrated in the backend and you wouldn't have to worry about that part as far as the integration.


There's some resources here that may help:


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