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Wordpress Integration - Sim

Hello fine people,


I've spending some 8 hours - yes, I'm a newbie - between yesterday and today trying to figure out how to make things happen the way my boss wants to.


That's the environment I work in:

running wordpress + woocommerce and authorizenet-payment-gateway-for-woocommerce.1.7 plugin wich has some basic settings.


I've tested the site live with real credit cards, I'm using SIM method because it seems the easiest way to go, and it's working: both from the and Wordpress backends we can see the transactions details, but on the frontend the customer only gets redirected to our "Thank you, your order has been received" page regardless of the transaction outcome.


This begs the question: How do I show the customer the result of his C/Card transaction?


From my understanding, this should be either done while on the served pages - I believe it's the Receipt page - or redirecting back the customer to a dynamically generated page on our website. At this stage - live launch approaches very fast - I only care about the easiest working solution.


What's your suggestion while I'm going back to play with the whole thing in Test mode?


Thank you for your time, patience and understanding



It doesn't look like anyone has responded yet, but someone still may have feedback on what you're looking for.  You may wish to contact the creators of Woocommerce directly since you are using their product.


Youy may also subscribe to this topic so that you'll be alerted via email if anyone else from the community is able to respond with any comments. To subscribe, click Topic Options at the top of this thread and then select Subscribe. You'll then receive an email once anyone replies to your post.



Administrator Administrator

Hi Richard, 

Thank you for the tips.


The website is using a third party plugin to connect to payment gateway.

I've emailed the developer and hopefully he'll shed some light.

I was able to reach somebody at Authnet tech support dept but no big thing came out of that..

Otherwise I'll have to resort to WooCommerce's Authnet plugin so at least we can get their support.


Working for the breakthrough :)