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Yearly subscription interval with a trial period for the first year

Hi everybody! And thanks so much for your help.


I want to create a recurring billing subscription with a yearly interval (Payments occur on day 2 of every 12 months), and I want to give him three months of a trial period for the first year of subscription.


The idea is to create the ARB today (2 July 2021), the credit card should be charged today o maybe tomorrow, but the second charge should happen on 2 November 2022 and the third charge should be on 2 November 2023, and so on...


I can not set the start date for the ARB on 2 November 2021 due to I must charge the credit card today or at least tomorrow due to client instructions and also to avoid the possibility that the CC could expire before November 2021.


Do you have any ideas of how can I accomplish this with the API (