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accept.js - test mode works - production mode: Failed Error Code : E00001

Just when I though I was home free ...

Test mode is working fine. Switching to production mode, I:

1. generated all new keys for my client, and put those into the application
2. Switched to the production version of the js
4. Made sure "live" is checked in the client admin
4. Double checked all my keys ...

However, when submitting a payment in production, the nonce dataValue is being generated, the dataDescriptor is correct, but the transaction itself generates "Transaction Failed Error Code : E00001". Looking that up, not much help "... an unexpected system error".

Switching my keys back to the test ID, and switching the js version back to sandbox ... works again.

Just to make sure I've got the js correct:

And I've double checked and triple checked all the key values ...

If I purposely put in something that I know will fail like a mangled zip code, my "Your Transaction Failed" script triggers, so THAT is making it through processing on the side of things.

Entering in card information that I know to be good however, generates the E00001 error.

I'm not even sure where to start looking for this, as the error code isn't helping me much ...



Generating NEW keys and replacing the old ones did the trick.

To everybody that assisted me here, thanks so much!! It's greatly appreciated!!