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cc auth (unknown amount) then charge later

Hi there! Newbie here - I have a client who would like to collect cc info online vs emailing a cc authorization to clients via a PDF.
Their current process is having their clients sign an agreement that includes a credit card authorization for payment after the service. The card is used for their service fee, and if other things like (for example) if the service takes an extended length of time to get things taken care of or other things that pop up to complete the service, etc. Because of the type of service, there is no one-size-fits-all, so all amounts and time before charging are different. They collect cc info along with their agreement and the authorization to be able to charge their client's cards for the service.(s).

I am putting all of their forms online using Gravity Forms and use the Gravity + add-on for services that do not need authorization for pay later/they can just make the payment right then. 

Is there a way to use Gravity Forms + where the user can input their card and authorize/approve my client to have their info and charge them later after the service is complete and amount determined OR is there a way to do this directly thru (I'm not familiar with how the account works).  My client would like to make it an easy process for onboarding their clients by sending them an email with links to the various forms they need.

I'm even open to having my client tweak their process if it means we can make this work - something like, they charge a minimal fee, for example $100 as a "deposit", then they can create an invoice and charge for the remaining amount at the end of the service using that same card without having to go back and get approvals, etc.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this with their process are welcome!
Thank you for your help!