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createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest bankData using AcceptJS

Hello, I'm trying to create a customer payment profile using the encrypted data (opaque data) returned from acceptjs. The response message i'm getting is saying that i require card data??


"customerProfileId": "1813863342",
"paymentProfile": {
"payment": {
"Item": {
"dataKey": null
"driversLicense": null,
"taxId": null,
"defaultPaymentProfileSpecified": false,
"customerTypeSpecified": false,
"billTo": {
"phoneNumber": null,
"faxNumber": null,
"email": null,
"firstName": null,
"lastName": null,
"company": null,
"address": "fasdgf",
"city": "Fak",
"state": "Fake State",
"zip": "FAKEYOU",
"country": "Fake Country"
"validationModeSpecified": false,
"merchantAuthentication": null,
"clientId": null,
"refId": null


"customerProfileId": null,
"customerPaymentProfileId": null,
"validationDirectResponse": null,
"refId": null,
"messages": {
"resultCode": 1,
"message": [{
"code": "E00014",
"text": "Card Number is required."
"code": "E00014",
"text": "Expiration Date is required."
"sessionToken": null




Currently, we only support profile creation from Accept when the opaque data was from a card. You can't create payment profiles if the original payment instrument was a bank account. So the response you are getting is correct.


However, there's some good news on this front. We are in the process of supporting bank opaque data as well, and you can expect a release soon (probably next month). Post that, it won't matter whether your Accept Opaque Data is from a bank account or credit card; you will be able to create payment profiles with both.


Thank you for your patience!

Authorize.Net Expert Authorize.Net Expert
Authorize.Net Expert



We are in the process of supporting bank opaque data as well, and you can expect a release soon (probably next month).


We ran into this problem today as we have a customer who is interested in supporting eCheck payment profiles in his billing application.


Are we still looking at a release in the near future? I want to communicate with our customer to let them know how long they'll need to wait.



Any update on this?


I don't mean to pester, I just need to give a realistic timeline to our client.

My organization is waiting on this as well. Really suprised that support is published in the live docs but in reality it is not. 

Any updates? We are getting a lot of pressure from users to implement this feature, and we can't. Stripe has supported this kind of functionality for years.

Hi All, 


We are very close to have it released . The team has finished with dev and QA for it and planning for the release . 


I will update on it once the release dates are available . 



Send feedback at

Hi Whats the latest on this? 

any update on createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest  bank account support opaque data returned from accept.js??

required immediately

Whats the status here? Sounds like you've been QA testing this for months? Did you hit a road block? If so please let us know whats going on.