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get "userFileds" in communicator javascript function

I am using the integration method : Get Hosted Payment Page SDK : PHP SDK My query : I am sending a user_defined_token to the payment server and then receiving that, server returns a payment page and i will show that in a iframe to the user. User fills in all the details and submit the form. On submitting the form, the payment page in iframe access to the parent page using a communicator script, and using this I am communicating with the server to authenticate and marking the transacrtion as done. so for authenticating the transaction I need to verify the user_defined_token. but the communicator function is not able to access that. So my query is how could i access the user_defined_token in the communicator function so that i can send it to server and cross check so that no fraudulent transaction is ever possible. PLease help me ASAP! In deep trouble.