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getSettledBatchList with multiple batches on a single day

I am hoping someone has run in to this before and can help. I am using the API (with PHP) to pull settled batch lists daily to reconcile payments on our end. However we ran in to a day that has 2 batches (one maxed out at 1000 transactions and one that has the remainder). Currently the request will only pull one of the 2 batches so we are missing the bulk of our transaction data for that day. 


Does anyone know how to pull multiple batch lists through the API for a single day? Any help is appreciated.


It sounds like you pull batches one day at a time. So your range is one 24 hour period. I think the way to solve your issue is to pull a set of batches over several days and then manipulate the response object to extract the info you need. I find inserting items into arrays based on conditionals to work well on things like this.
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And reading your question again, there is a cutoff time and transactions will be in limbo from the APIs perspective. The settled batches stop at a certain point and any settled transactions in that time frame are unretrievable from the API.

Thanks for the info! I was able to track down in the SDK API script where the issue was. It was pulling only the last batch for any given day. I altered it to detect multiple batches and the issue is solved.




Excellent.  Could you kindly mark this question as solved? Best of luck to you. 

 I altered it to detect multiple batches and the issue is solved.