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Third Party Free WordPress Payment Form???

Can't believe it hasn't been until recently that someone developed a free wordpress plugin for forms that has back end access and no branding?  Has anyone ever heard of this developer and/or projects?  I just started using the plugin now and it works fine.


On that note, does anyone know where you can find code for forms besides JotForm, etc? 


JotForm is nice, but the free version is branded and having to login to another service versus the backend of your site is somewhat cumbersome.  It's easier to fix a problem from the backend of one location "on the go" versus 2 locations.  That's why I prefer to test technology before buying it.  Half of the time I end up purchasing, but the other half...well...that's when you find so many bugs that you count yourself fortunate to not have purchased.  




With the ‘Developer’ plan, you can use Authorize.Net as your payment gateway for MemberPress. This is a great option if you process a lot of credit card transactions.