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getting error "Payment authorization error. Transaction id empty."

Hi, I'm using magento and getting following error when try to process payment using post in test mode: "Payment authorization error.  Transaction id empty."  Any idea why this is happening?  Also, does post allow for online refunds in magento?  Thanks


I would have to refer you to Magento for support with that error, it is not an error from within the Authorize.Net system.  In terms of refunds, we do not specifically allow or disallow this to any individual piece of software. Any product that hooks into our APIs can issue refunds.

Administrator Administrator



Were you able to figure this out?  I appears that you and I are exactly in the same place in the setup of our Magento sites.  I am also ready to go live except for this "Transaction id is empty" error.  I contacted and was told that this is not an error message they pass and that Magento is giving this reply.  Probably true given the fact that the test transaction is actually being approved on their end.


After many searches I'm totally stuck.  We can't have our customers getting this message.


Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated.


John Sterlin


Romanza, if you are running in test mode, Authorize.Net won't generate any transaction IDs.


By default, all new Authorize.Net accounts are set in Test Mode.  If you are ready to go live, an authorized user will need to login to the merchant interface and turn off Test Mode.  Instructions are here:


Please let us know if this solves your issue.