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Drupal Commerce returning errors in Live mode.



I am using Drupal Commerce 7's module and am trying to process live orders.


I am getting an odd error when using the "Live transactions in a live account" and "Authorization only (requires manual or automated capture after checkout)" or "Authorization and capture"


We received the following error processing your card. Please enter you information again or try a different card.
Thank you! Your order will be processed pending a standard transaction review.


When in "Test transactions in a live account" everything works fine - but using the same credit card and addresses I get this message above - and there is not answer to what the "following error" is. And a typo in the next sentence.


To make it more confusing, the order does show up in my account for me to capture, but the user never gets to the "completed order" stage, so the buyer thinks the order failed.


Is anyone else having the same issues? The wording of this error message -  and the error message itself - is it coming from Drupal Commerce or is Drupal passing onto me a message from




-- thanks, Don


search on

13. Customer Response Text


look like it is Fraud Detection Suite setting.

It not an error but response code of 4(Held for review), instead of 1(approved)