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getting transaction fished pool

I am using the SIM Method and I am getting (99)     This transaction cannot be accepted.


I am used the response 99 tool.  But was frstrated that my figerprint just would not line up.

Since you can not put items in one at a time it is hard to see exacty what you are doing wrong.


Here is a sample of my code I am using Coldfusion as my language.


<FORM  id= "ccform" METHOD=POST ACTION=""> 

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="x_Login" VALUE="#x_login#">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="x_invoice_num" VALUE="#getRecordinfo.rma_number#">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="x_freight" VALUE="#shipTotal#">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="x_tax" VALUE="#taxAmount#">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="x_Amount" VALUE="#NumberFormat(invTotal,'0,00')#">
<input type="hidden" name="x_fp_sequence" value="#X_FP_SEQUENCE#">
<input type="hidden" name="x_fp_timestamp" value="#X_FP_TIMESTAMP#">
<input type="hidden" name="x_fp_hash" value="#digest#">



To get #digest# varible I used the provided code from


Javascript form.submit to refreshpage and reload.




Since you can not put items in one at a time it is hard to see exacty what you are doing wrong.



Can you look the page source on run time? then use the values on the 99 tool.


Thanks for your reply.


That is what I have done.  I would like to submit trans key on my page and then on  99 code tool and see what the hash key looks then go through each value and see which one is messed up.  You basically submit all at the same time and get the finger print.  



is your javascript submit the page? I not sure why you can see the form post value on the web browser page source.

list out the values before I post but I could install a program to watch it.


The odd thing is that it was working then it stopped.  I had it running on the test sight for about a month then when I went back to incorporate some changes it was not working before I ever started.


I thought maybe a time change but if it was the time thenit would throw a different error.