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help in direct post method/SIM;issue regarding time out and validation


we are a organisation in application development in .net and for now we are giving a facility fo our client with payment gateway, and we are using DPM card not present testing acoount for building this functionality in our functionality, WE are using our User interfase for sending all the detals to the for test transaction.

but when  try to send the details to some "time out error" come in the browser but the " transaction in comletd, your merchant will contact u" , we tryed the method given in , but it is same. When we change "x_relay_response" to false the transation is complted and a with with all the details come on client screen but we don't want to be lioke this "we want to show the response details too in our application and print them.

  1. So does  any have any idea to solve this issue?, and
  2.  how does we validate the details send to, is there any build in function in api by which we can validate  the details ; we does not want to use Javascript and do not postback anything?
  3. And how can we get the response in our application i.e in our interface with all the details like card number,amount,transaction id etc  for printing?


please reply soon,





Relay response is the correct way to ensure that your site receives details of the transaction after it completes.  The error that you are running into indicates that Authorize.Net is simply unable to load you relay response url.  If you are still in the testing phase, this could be because you are using a development server that is not publically available.  It is necessary that your Relay Response page is publicly accessible and loads without error in order to prevent this type of time out message.

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