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hostedPaymentIFrameCommunicatorUrl as a https://localhost:xxxx/xxxxxxx/IframeCommunicator.html



Just to confirm..

I am using https://localhost:xxxx/xxxxxxxxx/iFrameCommunicator.html as a hostedPaymentIFrameCommunicatorUrl  in my development/testing environment and here I am getting hosted form also as a popup.


I just wanted to confirm whether this should fine and work correctly with iFrame implementation in my dev/test envrionment or do i need public ip for for this iFrameCommunicator url.


Uptill now https://localhost:xxxx/xxxxxxx/iFrameCommunicator.html seems working but Is there any way to confirm or validate hosted form is opening in the iframe only.

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Hi @raviparmarce88,


The iFrameCommunicatorUrl needs to be in the same domain as the page that includes the hosted form. Is the page that's including the hosted form also on localhost?


If it is, you can verify that the iframecomnunicator page is loading by checking the developer tools in your browser. In the Chrome developer tools, for example, you could check the sources tab to see if your iframecomnunicator page is loaded within the payment form's iframe.

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