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Hello Team, I am doing some research on Accept.js with hosted payment form.I am facing one inconsitent issue and along with that I have few queries : Inconsitent issue:When I click on Pay button from my page i got the blank loading pop up and never d...
Hello,Currenly we are using accept hosted with iframe, but facing lots of issue with iframe.So, planning to do some research on comlete redirect with accept hosted form. But in complete redirect, when payment successfully went through it is displayin...
I have used accept hosted payment form with iFrame integration. We are doing some regression testing with sandbox account with live mode. I have entered credit card information in iFrame but 'accidentally' put in the wrong card code, i got the error ...
Hi Team, On the 18 Apr (13.43 EDT to 13.53 EDT) we got some error abot server in maintenance. Exception - while deserializing text:'ErrorE00104Server in maintenanceE00001An error occurred during processing. Please try again.Was it the case that autho...
Hi,We had already migrated and force our application to use TLS1.2 when disabled supports of TLS1.1 from sandbox*(around 6 months back). As of today's date our application is working fine with Sandbox account and same we had deployed on...