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interface/integration questions/concerns

One of my existing merchants is ready to sign up his 2nd business, which processes a much larger monthly volume of $140,000 - $240,000.
Here are his concerns and questions:
1) How does the integration or installation of affect his use of Quickbooks?
2) Can interface with quickbooks accounting?
3) Does quickbooks allow for TOKEN based payments? meaning, the merchant has an encryption key for customer c/c or payment information and assigns a TOKEN # which is used to process recurring payments
4) What are, if any, potential problems or issues with quickbooks integration?
5) requires an encryption key, which they process such requests every 2 weeks. Can this be modified or adjusted to meet customers/merchants request for quicker installation date?
6) can you MAP out or Flow chart the entire process for this new account as this is his major volume company/business and we do not wish to disrupt or affect his volume or clients?
If we can get these answers by tomorrow please as I have an appointment with him on Thursday noon.
Thank you
Start by checking out the documentation at:
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