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merchant account to customer account.

Is there a way to transfer the amount from the merchant account to another customer?
I have a case where
customer (A) can send a gift (amount) to another customer (B),
and after receiving that gift the other customer (B) can redeem that gift whenever he want to redeem,
and then the amount will be credited to the customer (B) account.
there will be one more system between customer A and customer B that is admin or we can say the platform,
where some commission will be deducted before transferring the amount to customer B.

customer A ------ $100----> platform (Admin) [will take commission $10] --------- $90------> customer B.


Transferring funds from your merchant account differs from sending money from your regular bank account. Read this article to get to know about the peculiarities of your merchant account. Entrepreneurs need to open merchant accounts to be able to accept credit card payments online