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nopcommerce error

I set up my nopcommerce shopping cart and entered my transaction key, etc. that I got from However, when I try to process a credit card, I get this error:

 Error: 3|1|103|This transaction cannot be accepted.||P|0|||6.50|CC|auth_only||||||||||||||||||||||||||0029381AA00A03BA17926759CD2DF6BE||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!


Hey irtony,


Usually an error 103 means that your account is in "Password-Required Mode" and you are not sending a valid password, Transaction Key or hash fingerprint with your transaction request, which is a recommended security measure. Since you're using nopCommerce, try the following:


  • If your cart uses SIM, make sure you are using a valid Transaction Key to generate and send a fingerprint hash to us along with your transaction request.
  • If your cart is using AIM please make sure you are posting the gateway defined field x_tran_key.
  • Check with nopCommerce to ask if your application can pass the Transaction Key to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.
  • Some shopping carts, for backwards compatibility with older connection methods, may provide the means to submit both a transaction key and a password. You should not use both the Transaction Key and the password simultaneously; doing so may also result in this error. We recommend using the Transaction Key instead of the password whenever possible, as Transaction Keys tend to be more secure than passwords. In such a situation, please leave the password field blank.
  • If nopCommerce has a field for the password but no field for the Transaction Key, please put the Transaction Key in the password field. Our system will recognize and validate the Transaction Key properly.

Hopefully that'll help.





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