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"Accept Suite :: Accept Payment Page", Is there a way to track transactions related to this request?

Situation: I need to track a COMPANY NUMBER, and an INVOICE NUMBER from a specific "getHostedPaymentPageRequest", so that all "getTransactionDetailsRequest" in the future will have the COMPANY NUMBER and INVOICE NUMBER.


The INVOICE NUMBER is simple, as it goes inside getHostedPaymentPageRequest.transactionRequest.order.invoiceNumber. And thus will show up with any transaction detail requests.


but where can I put the Company Number?


My goal is to be able to look at webhook response, do a call to "getTransactionDetailsRequest", and from that determine what the original Company Number was. This is needed.


Idea one:

  • Store the company number in transactionRequest.refId
  • Result: this does not show up anywhere in future getTransactionDetailsRequest results relating to this request. :-(

Idea Two:

Idea Three:

  • Put the company number in transactionRequest.poNumber
  • Result: "PO Number" shows up in the Accept Page, visible to the client. This could be confusing to them.

Idea Four:

  • Put the company number in an additonal ORDER LINE ITEM.
  • Result: This shows up in the Accept Page, visible to the client. Again, extra confusion.


so..... Is there honestly no way to pass custom data through the Accept Suite, and ALSO no way to tie a "getHostedPaymentPageRequest" to future related transactions? Either would work for us, but it looks like neither is possible.


Any ideas?





Hmm, Idea four: turns out that "lineItems" don't show up in the Accept Page, as the Accept Page is summerized.


So that MIGHT work. Not my preferred method though, if we ever want to use lineItems for actuall items in the future and also see them on the payment page.


Still looking for ideas...