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refund for credit card and echeck using AIM

How can I provide refund to the customer from my application instead of going to

my application is written in classic asp


we are using two methods echeck and credit card


please tell how to refund for both of them are the refund will be same or will be in different way



we are not storing credit card on our server so i do not have last four digits of card,

but we have

transaction id





Hi Yusuf,


I just answered you in this post, but here again, check out our sample code page. There'll you'll find ASP Classic sample code for AIM which should do what you're needing to do here. You can also check out the AIM Guide for more info.





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Thanks for answering but for refund it says

x_trans_id=Transaction ID here
x_card_num=Full credit card number or last four digits only here


I have transaction id stored in my database but we are not storing credit card info(whole or last four digit), now how can I do refund

Without the last 4 digit.
There are 2 option that I can think of.

1)Login to the merchant account, search it and do the refund there.

2)Use "GetTransactionDetails" method in Transaction Detail API to get ther last 4 digit and then do a refund thru AIM.

I like option 2. Didn't know there was a way to do that with AIM - there wasn't a code sample for it in the AIM.markdown - but the code sample on the URL you posted is perfect.

Hi Sir ,


I've a question regarding refund .First I am authorizing 100 USD then capturing 90  USD then we will make multiple refund transaction  like refund 10 USD then refund 10 USD.


Is it possible? Please confirm




You can refund mutiple time up to the capture amount.