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relay response problems

Hello all. We are encountering a problem with the "relay response" of a SIM transaction. (We are aware that SIM is deprecated and are planning a new integration, but in the meantime we need this to function.)


Our logs show that we were receiving relay responses as of Tuesday, and we have not changed our configuration or code since then.


Even though the charge shows up as successful in our transaction log, we no longer see any connection in our server log, not even a 4xx or 5xx error.


A check with iptables verifies that we are not filtering anything in the 198.241 range.

As suggested at, I setup a Requestbin and set our relay repsonse to that in a test script; the Requestbin also did not get posted to.


I also tried directing our relay response to a test script on a different server, and *did* receive the expected relay reponse POST from


So this suggests that relay responses are failing to some IP addresses (our server and the Pastebin server) but not to others.


Is anyone else seeing similar behavior?