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sending information to the gateway

I am currently researching the SIM integration method.  I have a system where the user will log in.  I capture the user ID in session variable.  I also capture the shopping cart items in the session.  When the visitor goes to check out I would like to pass these variables through the gateway.  I don't need the gateway to do anything with them, I just want to have them come back to me so I can save the items in the database as a completed order.


I got the impression from the documentation that using the session variables in the confirmation page is not really a good idea.  Am I wrong?


I have looked through the documentation and I read that when using the x_relay_url to not use variables like those you would find after the ? mark.  Therefore there must be a way to do this using the post, but I could not find in the documentation how to post custom fields, that are not displayed on the hosted payment form, and are posted back to the desired URL. 


Any suggestions?  Did I miss something in the documentation?  Thank you in advance for your help.


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