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subscriptions with SIM

can you do subscriptions through the SIM api or do you have to capture one payment and then log into and use the information from that one transaction to set up subscriptions?


Hi dadamssg,


The SIM API doesn't work with ARB right now. But you can create a new subscription from any recent, successfully authorized transaction by following these steps:


  1. Click Search from the main toolbar to find the previous transaction from which you would like to create a new subscription.
  2. Click the Transaction ID for the transaction you would like to use. The Transaction Detail page opens.
  3. Click Create ARB Subscription from Transaction. The Create New ARB Subscription page opens and is populated with customer and payment information from the  transaction.
    The Create ARB Subscription from Transaction link only appears when transaction and payment data for the original transaction is still available (full cardholder data is only stored for 120 days.) If this link does not appear on the Transaction Detail page, the new subscription will need to be entered manually on the Create New ARB Subscription page.
  4. Modify or enter any remaining subscription information as necessary. For more information about the subscription fields, refer to the Create a New ARB Subscription topic.
  5. Click Submit. The new ARB subscription is created.
    You can create a new subscription from any previous transaction type (for example, Authorization Capture or Credit). However, subscriptions will only be processed as Authorize Capture.

Hope that helps.





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