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I'm submitting itemized transactions to the api and you have the option to inidicate a "Y" or a "N" for taxes. How does the api respond to a "Y"? I have submitted "Y" for every item, but i input the total amount of tax that i've calculated as the tot...
If i'm selling a product that requires a deposit, of say 20% of the total, i should be utilizing the split tend/partial authorization transaction, correct? If this is the case, does the cardholder data need to be submitted again to collect the remain...
I can't figure out how to submit itemized information. The documentation says authnet handles delimited information with the delimter as "<|>". i'm using a modified version of john conde's php class. So my script that sets up the transa...
I've implemented the popup/iframe CIM into my project and i'm trying to figure if you can limit a profile to one payment profile and one shipping profile? As far as i can tell there isn't a time-created field the api returns so it would be difficult ...
I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up the work flow of the transactions for my web service. I need to able for my customers to make a purchase and then i store their cardholder data in CIM. Is the best way to go about doing this to use AIM ...