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test mode question - migrating an application into an existing production/live environment

We are in the end stages of developing an application for an Authorize.Net account that has an existing card processing application in production. 


As part of the migration pf the new application into production it will be mecessary (as I understand it ) to put the live account into test mode to run integration tests in a quasi-live environment. The problem is that the exisiting application will be running the whole time and will need to access the account in live mode. 


From what I can tell an account has a single account-wide setting for Test Mode.


How should one migrate the new application into an existing production environment? 


Is there a cookbook/best practices guide for developers?


Thank you




Hello @porsillo8


If you have tested your solution in the sandbox in live mode, and used the error generation guide to simulate error conditions, you should be ready to move into production.


You should not consider using test mode with the production gateway.  When you set Test Mode = True in your API request, or in the merchant interface, the gateway will only validate credentials and return OK if successful.  It does not actually attempt a transaction.



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