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the getCreditCardForm() method -- ?

I was all set to use DPM to integrate the payment gateway.


Then in the DPM documentation (specifically in the "Using the PHP SDK" docs for DPM

I found this line of code inside the required "checkout_form.php" file:





It appears to us that this getCreditCardForm()  is an API call that will (what else) get and display a pre-defined Credit Card form to collect the user's credit card info.


But we weren't sure.


So I typed getCreditCardForm() in the 'Search' box inside the "Using the PHP SDK" docs for DPM and got


       "(no results)"


which I think is a bug ? or something.  After all -- it appears that AuthorizeNetDPM::getCreditCardForm()  is an API call, why wouldn't it be in the docs?



It's my impression reading the "Using the PHP SDK" documentation for DPM that


1) I must create a "checkout_form.php"  file


2) and inside that file, I must echo an API call 'echo AuthorizeNetDPM::getCreditCardForm()'  

    which when encountered by the user's browser must do *something* (like display a credit card form?)



I tried to find out what getCreditCardForm() does but as I've said when I used the 'Search'

I got, literally, '(No results)'



So I'm set to abandon my desire to use DPM because -- we need to NOT call getCreditCardForm()

-- we have to be able to display our OWN credit card form with our own UI (user interface) -- whereas

if we call getCreditCardForm()  then (we assume) our user will see a Credit card form that we did not write and it will undoubtedly not look like anything else on our web site in terms of its appearance.



The reason we initially chose DPM is to avoid paying for an SSL certificate and to keep the CC and

transaction stuff completely off our site.


But if we then have to display a credit card form we did not code, that we cannot make appear like our site's UI,

then DPM is not the answer for us.



So 2 questions:


1) why when we search on getCreditCardForm() can we NOT find out what it displays? 

    It's a seemingly 'undocumented' API call because it's not in the docs.


2) is there a way to use DPM but provide our own Credit Card form?











I should mention that we haven't yet decided to use -- we are trying to understand if it will suit our needs -- just to clarify.  Thx


DPM is similar to SIM with different required parameters. If you want to KISS, use the php SIM sample code. And read the DPM documentation.




Hi folks -- if DPM does not allow us to 'roll our own' credit card input form then we'll switch to AIM.

We don't KISS we are developers -- we want to use DPM to save time but if DPM will not allow us to Roll-our-own credit card input form we will embrace AIM.


Let me ask the quesiton again then.


Because we have searched and not found any API cocumentation for the getCreditCardForm() API call --

the question is simple:



What does the getCreditCardForm()  do?


We are in pre-purchase mode, and trying to make a go/no go choice to use


This is a question that would have been answered by the API docs but as I said in my original mess, the getCreditCardForm()  IS NOT IN THE DOCS.   Not that we can find anyway.



RaynorC1emen7 --  if you click on the documentation link you provided and search for getCreditCardFo...

you will also discover that function is NOT DOCUMENTED.  To see this -- click on your 'DPM documentation' link

and in the search field, type getCreditCardForm()  and you will get "(No results)"




DPM do allow u to roll your own credit card input.

Just like SIM, it a html form post.

Sorry when I said KISS, I mean keep it simple stupid. Which the SDKs is not doing. The sample code is much simpler.


The getCreditCardForm() create a form with a set input fields for the form post. The source it is in the AuthorizeNetDPM.php . And yes, the method is not in any of documentation.