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transactions detail url link to control panel

I would like to create a link on my integration so users can view their transaction directly on


I only have sandbox access, and the only url I can obtain is to a printable transaction detail (i.e. clicking print when viewing a transaction detail):


The rest load a modal within the control panel. Ideally the link would be to the control panel rather than just a printable transaction detail, but this would suffice. My problem is I don't know what the structure would be for the live production accounts.


Any help appreciated!


Hi msykes


What you are describing is not possible. You can show the end-user the receipt at the time that the response is returned and/or you may email the customer a receipt which will show the transaction details. Alternatively, if the end-user would like to know the transaction details at a later date/time, you may use the getTransactionDetailsRequest as documented in our API Reference Guide located at 


Thank you,


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