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use of CVV card code

I'm setting up a new system with CIM that uses customer and payment Profile IDs for recurring payments.  I'm confused about whether I should bother to pass the CCV card code or not.


The CIM_XML_Guide documentation says:  "cardCode is used only for validation and is not stored in the customer profile."   It says that for both the createCustomerProfileRequest and the createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest.


My understanding is that some banks will give a better discount if the card code is included in the submission.  However, if the card code is not stored with the profile, and PCI Compliance dictates that the code not be stored by the merchant, it would appear that there is no way to obtain that discount when using Profile IDs. 


Am I missing something or is that just a limitation of the Profile ID system?



Gene Weinbeck

FundRaiser Software


It a limitation of the PCI compliance CIM system.