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v1 => v2 invoiceNumber on IGatewayRequest

I'm transitioning a system from v1.x to 2.x and one issue I have ran into is creating a createTransactionRequest (for debit in this case) I don't see where  I can assign an invoice number. Previously I accomplished this via a IGatewayRequest and could set request.InvoiceNum, however now I'm using createTransactionRequest, createTransactionController of which none of them seem to have a place to input invoiceNumber. Currently we do all our transaction syncing with our local system via invoiceNumber. I did notice a refId field, though I'm not sure if this is a good replacement.


I think I figured it out, its just


transactionRequest.order = new orderType();
transactionRequest.order.invoiceNumber = invoiceNumber;


I didn't realize you needed an order to add an invoice number, I'll check the batch responses on how that data is nested, and assuming I can get that in transaction reporting easily enough that should solve my issue.