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webhook delayed notification

We are using the Accept Hosted redirect and have set up the webhooks. Right now we are seeing a delay in getting the notification back from our webhook. We are using PHP if this makes a difference. The delay could be from a few seconds on up and it seems like there should be a faster way to get this information. What is recommended? We feel that the customer is not going to wait for the response after already seeing their response come back on the Hosted Redirected form. 


I have looked for examples of how to possibly query but have come up empty handed. There is a lot of information out there. 


Webhooks are considered asynchronous in nature. This is because no specific response is expected from your server other than a confirmation of receipt. Developers just starting out with webhooks will often set up their handlers in a very simple way: receive a request.


Webhook Delays can be cause by Zoom not receiving a 200 OK response from your Event Notification Endpoint URL after you receive a Webhook. In the case where a 200 OK response is not received, Zoom assumes the Webhook request failed, and will send it 3 more times.


If your Event Notification Endpoint URL does not respond with 200 OK after you get a webhook, this can result in webhook delays. Zoom will repeat the Webhook request three more times if a 200 OK response is not returned, assuming that the request failed. you can check my site Outsources Medical Billing 

A delayed webhook notification can occur due to various reasons such as network latency, server load, or issues with the webhook endpoint. It's crucial to monitor and troubleshoot these delays promptly to ensure timely data transmission and maintain system reliability for real-time notifications and integrations.