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wsCreateCustomerProfile arguments well formed but profile acts empty

New to CIM, working in Visual DataFlex using a class package parsed by the VDF Studio from the soap WSDL.  Use of


Function wsAuthenticateTest


was successful, working in testMode and passing it the test ID and key in a struct.


However, first tests using


Function wsCreateCustomerProfile tWSMerchantAuthenticationType llmerchantAuthentication handle llprofile string llvalidationMode Returns tWSCreateCustomerProfileResponseType

have not been successful. The return message is always E00041 "One of more fields in the profile must contain a value".


The argument "handle llprofile" is being passed a valid XML document object handle, and the XML code in that document is well formed... and all three customer profile fields contain data.


as you can see from the function design above, the WSDL was parsed by the VDF studio such that the authentication is passed as a struct, the profile is passed as an XML object handle, and the valildationMode as a string. I create a string version of the xml submission (see below) as per the CIM XML sample doc.  But it just won't return a CustomerProfileID.  Every test returns a E00041 message and the profile ID is zero. 


In the example below the xml was tried including the merchantAuthentication within the xml doc since the xml samples doc has it that way, in addition to being passed separately as that struct first argument. It didn't matter whether I did that or not.  Always the response message has been E00041.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
-<createCustomerProfileRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd">
<description>John Smith</description>



We found that when we parsed the wsdl into a class package using an upgraded version of VDF STudio, it eliminated xml object handles and defined all of the function parameters as structs. Now it is working.