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Amount field returning $0 in test transaction responses

With the release of the partial authorization functionality the other day, anyone running test transactions is seeing the returned amount as $0 in the response, which is the actually authorized amount. Since it's a test transaction, no amount was authorized and so you see $0. This was done to account for partial authorizations where there is both a requested and an authorized amount.

This is also occurring with real transactions that have been declined for AVS or CCV. Those declines are instantly fully reversed, which means the transaction response will, again, show the actually authorized amount of $0 and not the originally requested amount.

 But we’ve decided to revert to the old functionality and will be changing it back so that the amount returned in the response will always be the requested amount—unless it’s a partial authorization transaction, in which case, the returned amount will be the actually authorized amount.

We’ll be making this change with our next scheduled release. I will post a reply to this thread when it’s been completed so that you know.


Thanks for your patience!



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Just FYI, the previous functionality has been restored as of last night.




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