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MasterCard and Discover Requirements Update

In late March, we posted a message regarding MasterCard and Discover’s modifications to the rules concerning the processing of debit, pre-paid and gift cards for merchants located in the United States.

Recently MasterCard and Discover relaxed the requirements for e-commerce merchants so that support for partial authorizations and balance responses are no longer required, but recommended best practices. All retail and mobile merchants, however, must still support the requirements.

Additionally, all merchants are still required to support authorization reversals for any non-settled authorizations. The deadline for all Authorize.Net merchants to support the requirements is still June 30, 2011, and yes, that’s still NEXT year, not this one.

IMPORTANT: Although no longer a requirement for e-commerce merchants, Authorize.Net intends to support partial authorizations and balance responses for all merchants. We highly recommend that your merchants provide support for these features as they can help decrease declined transactions and potentially increase sales.
You can review the timeline of when we expect support for each processor in our Partial Authorization FAQs at  

We have also updated our FAQs to reflect the latest changes. If your merchants have questions, please refer them to the FAQs at for additional information, including integration updates, value-adding services and more.

Until the next update. :smileyhappy:


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