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C# SDK Updates Available Now

We have recently updated the C# SDK. The latest version (1.7.1) is available now from the SDK downloads page.

Here is a quick list of the bugs that have been fixed with this latest release:

Transaction Details API

  • Card type is now properly returned in the transaction object.
  • CreditCardMaskedType is now properly returned.
  • GetSettledBatchList no longer returns an error when the result contains no transactions.



  • Added a generic “CreateNew” method for ARB along with the createWeekly, CreateMonthly, and CreateAnnual methods.
  • Removed “startDate” from the ARB update subscription method.
  • Added the ability to set an invoice and a customer ID for a new subscription.


  • getCustomer method now includes the customer ID in the response.
  • Added a method overload to CreateCustomer method that does not require card code.


  • CardType is now returned in SIMResponse object.



  • Fixed the line item behavior so that multiple line items are added correctly.
  • “Capture Only” transaction type is now supported

Corrected the behavior of “emailCustomer” parameter that previously conflicted with “Email.”


Before this version, we also had released version 1.7.0, which included the following fixes:

  • Added object casting to prevent stack overflow.
  • Corrected the behavior of ValidatePaymentProfile to prevent stack overflow.
  • Updated method to correctly ask for “validationMode” instead of “serviceMode.”

Thank you for your patience as we work to fix these bugs. As always, if you find a bug in any of our SDKs or APIs, feel free to report them in the Integration and Testing board. We appreciate it!


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