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CIM Release Part 2 is Here!

So remember we announced back in November (see here if you’ve forgotten) part 1 of a 2-part CIM release? Well guess what? Part 2 is here! (pausing for a round of applause---or at least a quiet little golf clap--:smileyvery-happy:) Just a refresher, the CIM enhancement release part 1 allowed merchants to create, update and delete customer, payment and shipping profiles from within the Merchant Interface. It also included a basic search function.

Well part 2 is now available which means you can now charge or refund a CIM profile in the Merchant Interface with the click of a few buttons. Yay! It also includes an advanced search function that allows merchants to enter more specific search criteria when searching for a CIM profile

Some other cool new stuff with this CIM release that you’ll appreciate:

  • The ability to review the transaction history of a given customer or payment profile
  • Merchants enabled for Expanded Credit Capabilities (ECC) can submit unlinked credits to a customer profile
  • Credit card expiration dates are no longer masked

Watch our CIM video now!


Now that part 2 has been released, your merchants can now better manage their customer profiles and CIM transactions, and can enjoy the flexibility of using both the API and the Merchant Interface.

As we all know, all merchants, whether large or small, MUST be PCI DSS compliant. CIM is a powerful tool for helping merchants become PCI DSS-compliant as it allows them to store their customers’ sensitive data on Authorize.Net’s secure servers. As developers, we hope these enhancements will help you to encourage your merchants to utilize CIM wherever possible.

As always, thanks for your feedback and your participation in this community.



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