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Affiliate Reseller Program Details -- Check it Out!

Did you know that Authorize.Net offers a free and easy way for developers like you to earn additional revenues simply by referring your merchants to us? That's right—we can help you get more money every month! And did I mention that it’s free. How cool is that?

So how’s it work exactly? As an Affiliate Reseller, we provide you with a customized payment gateway account application for you to give to your merchants who need a payment processing solution--and that's all you need to do! Once your merchants fill out and submit the application to Authorize.Net, our internal sales staff will work with each merchant to set up their account. Authorize.Net then bills your merchants directly for their monthly payment gateway fees and pays you the associated commissions.

Here are the payment gateway fees your merchants pay, as well as the commissions you receive:

One-Time Setup Fee:         Merchant Pays $99.00 -- You Receive $30.00
Monthly Gateway Fee:         Merchant Pays $17.95  -- You Receive $7.95
Per-Transaction Fee:         Merchant Pays $0.10 --  You Receive $0.05*

*This commission only applies for those of your merchants who are approved for a merchant account in addtion to their payment gateway account. You'll get more information on that when you apply.

The one-time fee is, well obviously, one time only. But we’ll pay you the commissions on the monthly and per-transaction fees for the life of that merchant’s account. Nice huh?

To become an Authorize.Net Affiliate Reseller, simply fill out the form found here. Once we receive and process your completed application we will provide you with instructions on how you can immediately begin setting up merchants and get your dinero.

If you have any questions regarding the Authorize.Net Affiliate Reseller Program, please e-mail or call 866-437-0476. They’ll hook you up. Or of course, you can contact a community administrator or moderator.


Authorize.Net Developer Community Manager

All Star

Hey, It is great.

What should we get when we are going to register another reseller?


Hi viipultailor and welcome to the Authorize.Net community.  The process to refer a new client to Authorize.Net is pretty straightforward.  If you have your online application URL, simply forward it onto your client and they can begin the online application.  For every referral you send to Authorize.Net we will pay you a $30 one time commission, and then $7.95/month as long as the merchant remains active.  Let me know if you have any further questions or if you need assistance obtaining your unique online application URL.  Thanks again for being a founding member of our community!


Two quick questions:


  1. Are there any hidden fees or charges after a merchant signs up?
  2. Merchants sign up using a url that links to Authirize.NET from a website that I provide?  So for example if I have a web site called, a customer could go to this site, click a link that takes them to a secure Authorize.NET site to sign up?



Blaroda, thanks for your questions and for being a founding member of the Authorize.Net community.  


1)  Your merchants will be provided with a list of all fees during the application process. We do not have any hidden fees and we are happy to provide you with our pricing schedule at any time.  

2) When you become an Affiliate Reseller you will be provided with a unique online application URL.  This URL can be placed on your site or sent in an email.  In addition, we can also provide you with a custom co-branded landing page which you can link to from your website. The landing page will display your company logo, your contact information, the Authorize.Net Pricing and your unique online application link.  Here is an example page.  


Please let us know if you have any additional questions!



The form is US only.  Are you accepting applications for Resellers in Canada?

tomp, great question!  Canadian resellers are able to take part in the Affiliate Program and we can review those on a case by case basis.  Please email me directly at and I can provide you additional details.  Thanks again for taking part in our new community!



Do I have any responsibility to my client or to you after they sign up? For example, if they need support, do they come to me or to you?

The Affiliate Reseller program is structured in such a way that once you refer a client to Authorize.Net, by providing them with your unique online application link, we take care of the rest.  We ensure that the account is created promptly, we also take care of all billing, customer support questions, etc.  In addition, you will always be able to access the clients you have referred to Authorize.Net through your reseller interface.  Thanks for taking part in the new community!



Does the program cost the prospective merchants anything extra? If they click our reseller link instead of just signing up at on their own, does it cost the client more?